Angelina is the mother of Thera. The name of Thera's dad is not known. If married it may have been Mr. Kerplopolis. If she has her daughter's surname, her full name might be Angelina Kerplopolis. It is not clear whether the Kerplopolis surname her daughter has is Angelina's maiden-name or if it could be the surname of Thera's non-step dad. She is the future mother-in-law of Noam Plinsky, the future step mother-in-law of Holley Holtey the future aunt-in-law of Derek Plinsky, and the step aunt of Tyler Awesome.

She and Mr. Awesome were married, which made her step-mother to Les. Her husband says her first name on the phone in Garbage In, Garbage Out.

She is voiced by Kathleen Barr and do not give her a surname.


  • She claims to have lost her sense of smell saving a family of skunks from a sewage plant next to s stink bomb factory.



They still write her, sending pictures of the 3 of them sun-bathing.