Lars Arnst (voiced by Colin Murdock) is the fattest and craziest member of team awesome. He has a Nordic accent described on the show as being Norg. He


He is a great singer since the time he was at the Glee Club but his teacher fired him in "Lester's Song of Doom".


Lars wears a red hoodie, blue jeans and red trainers and he has blonde hair and teal eyes. When he goes swimming with his friends, he wears a red swim cap & a red speedo that shows his butt crack. In the original series, he wears a cyan hoodie and a brown belt with an A on it.


He like to sing, act and eat fish. He sometimes doesen't understand what awesome is. In "Bad News Noam" when the gang explains what will happen to Noam if he continues to wear the gloom smoother Lars says "He can't his emotion trapped in a bottle that will pop and get the anger juice all over his pants".


He seems to hang out with Mr. Twitchy the most.

Age Edit

Lars' 14 years old. In the original series, he was 12. In the 2nd series, he was 13. He was born on June 21st, 1997.

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